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Wacky Connect 4 Basketball Game

Wacky Connect 4 Basketball Game

    • Actual Size: 6'L x 16'W x 12'H
    • Setup Area: 8'L x 18'W x 14'H
    • Outlets: 1
    • Age Group: All Ages
    • Attendants: Adult Supervision IS required at ALL times.

    • $395.00
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Wacky Connect 4 Basketball Game, Dallas TX

Have you ever wanted to play connect 4 but with a twist? Our inflatable version of the Wacky Connect 4 Basketball Game is a fun and challenging game that will keep you on your toes. Score points by matching 3 or 4 lines of your chosen color, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. It's a great party game for the whole family! Challenge your friends and family to a game of skill and wits with the Wacky Connect 4 Basketball Game. Play on your own, or partner up with a friend or a relative. With an inflatable court that provides stability and ample room, so you can spend more time playing and having fun! This game is also fast and easy to win, so you can invite almost anyone who can shoot and score.

It's time for a game of skill, wits, and luck in the Wacky Connect 4 Basketball Game! This inflatable game includes 6 inflatable rings and 2 sets of colored basketballs, red and blue! It can be played either in teams or as a one-on-one competition. You need to shoot the balls at the multiple baskets to score points by matching either 3 or 4 lines straight, horizontally, vertically or diagonally. You can play with up to 8 players total, with 4 players per team, or anything in-between! Get your friends together and have a blast with this fun and challenging inflatable game. The Wacky Connect 4 Basketball Game is a new take on the well-known game of Connect 4. You have to shoot your chosen colored basketball and match 3 or 4 lines, either horizontally or vertically and score points. This game is easy to set up, but difficult to master - it's a great way to spend time with friends and family!

The Wacky Connect 4 Basketball Game, is the perfect game for carnivals, and fairs, fundraisers, gymnasium, or for anyone looking for an interactive game that is easy to set up and play! This is truly a winner when it comes to a connect 4 type of game!

Features of the Wacky Connect 4 Basketball Game:

Here are some features of the Wacky Connect 4 Basketball Game:

  • Wide lanes for shooting

  • 6 Basketball Hoops

  • 2 Sets of colored basketballs - red and blue

  • Safety mesh on the sides to keep the balls from flying

  • Clear window holes to see the colors of the balls inside the lanes, making it easy to determine if 3 or 4 lines have been made

  • Magnetic reset panels at the bottom so you can simply unlatch and release the balls at the end of the game

  • Bright primary and secondary colors

The Wacky Connect 4 Basketball Game is a fun game of skill and wits. The game is played with an inflatable "basket" and 4 different color balls. You must match 3 or 4 lines of the same color balls either horizontally or vertically to score points. If you're playing against humans, use the fast-paced competitive mode! For those without competition, use the less-competitive mode to have some more fun!

Our Wacky Connect 4 Basketball Game makes for fast and fun play! Simply connect three basketballs of the same color in a row either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally and you win!! The New Wacky Connect 4 Basketball Game Rental features a magnetic Ball release that quickly and easily releases the balls down into the ball through - removing the need for VELCRO! It also features mesh side panels to catch any fly-away balls.  Bring on the competition with our New Wacky Connect 4 Basketball Game Rental! Again the rules are super simple where two ( 2 ) Players take turns shooting their color basketballs into the hoops. The first team that gets to connect either you can choose 4 or 3 of the same piece in a row is the wonderful winner! Your participants will have fun balancing between shooting hoops and planning on their next hit move in the marvelous game of skill.  

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When renting the Wacky Connect 4 Basketball Game you need to:

  • Check the dimensions (see above) of the Wacky Connect 4 Basketball Game Rental if you have enough space in your planned setup area.
  • If backyard setup: gate or a fence, should be at least 3 ft. WIDE (no exemptions), to wheel in the Wacky Connect 4 Basketball Game Rental
  • Alley or pathway leading to setup area should have NO OBSTRUCTIONS whatsoever, for the Wacky Connect 4 Basketball Game Rental
  • The needed ext. cord for the Wacky Connect 4 Basketball Game Rental, is a heavy-duty, 3-pronged, gauge 10 or 12, & can handle a 1.5-2 HP blower.
  • For Grass setup surface, kindly make sure you have no pipes or sprinklers that could possibly be hit during setup and takedown. Either you select an option with sandbags (cement/ sprinkler sandbag/artificial grass) or mark the ground with flags so that our set up crew would be guided on where it is safe to stake the unit to the ground. Bounce Universe will not be held responsible for any damages.
  • If winds are over 15mph, we won't be able to set up the Waclu Connect 4 Basketball Game Inflatable Game as it is too dangerous
  • We have a FREE: 4-6 hr. window delivery PRIOR to your party, and around 2-3 hr. window AFTER your party for pickup. But if you're NOT WILLING TO WAIT, we can bump you to a narrower timeframe (1-2 hrs.) for $75, or an exact time for $150. Charges would be for each instance (1 charge for delivery, 1 charge for pick up). Please see options when booking (Regular, Flexible, or Exact)

Picture of the Wacky Connect 4 Basketball Game:



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