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Company Policies

Deposits are non-refundable unless there is inclement weather on that day. Our definition of inclement weather is raining on the day of the party or below 40 degrees. If it is raining on your party date or below 40 degrees, a driver will contact you to see if you want to go ahead with your rental or cancel. If you choose to cancel due to the weather conditions as stated, we will not deliver it to you and anything you have already paid will be issue to you in a form of a raincheck good for 6 months. If you choose to keep you rental, we will deliver and full payment will be due. No refunds or discounts will be given at that point even it rains all day or temperatures are below 40.
HOWEVER the customer must call to cancel and it may ONLY be done ON THE DAY OF THE EVENT and must be BEFORE the driver arrives. We do not accept weather cancellations for cold, cloudy days with 40% or less chance of scattered showers unless it's below 40*F or actively raining in your area 2 hours before your rental period.

During certain weather conditions that make the inflatable unsafe for use, we reserve the right to cancel the rental and not give the customer the option to continue with the rental unless an indoor venue can be secured. If we cancel the rental due to unsafe weather conditions, we will refund anything you have already paid toward the rental or if you prefer, we will allow you to change to an alternate date.

We require a $50 deposit to reserve a bouncer for your event. This amount will be Subtracted from your total balance due upon delivery. For orders $250 or more a 25% deposit is required. NO orders are reserved until deposit is paid. Customers can make balance credit card payment at anytime thru the payment link on your emailed invoice. All major credit card are accepted.
Deposits are non-refundable

If you have to cancel please call us at 469-600-2291 as soon as possible and at least 14 days before your event. Your deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE, but may be applied to a new date one time, if you call 14 days before your event. Certificates and permits are not refundable and cannot be applied to another date. If less than 14 days before your event, you were to cancel for any reason not related to rain (over 50%) you would lose your deposit, and cannot apply it to a different date. If a large portion of the order is altered it will be considered a "Cancel Order."

Order Changes: Changes to orders are subject to availability. Any items that are removed from the order after the order has been booked, that are not replaced with items or equal or lesser value are subject to a 50% cancellations fee.

We accept all forms of credit and debit cards at the time of rental. You can pay your balance on your rental with a credit card as long as it is paid by the Thursday before the rental. If it is not paid by the Thursday before the rental, you can pay cash upon delivery.

We do not accept personal checks. We do accept checks from churches and schools as long as the checks are drawn on the church or school account. We do not accept checks from personal accounts to pay these balances.
We accept P.O.'s from schools and businesses that have established accounts with us.

Person on the Contract must be cardholder and be present upon delivery with a valid state ID or Driver's Licensed. Balance must be paid in full upon delivery. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us immediately at 469-600-2291. 

Our drivers do all the heavy lifting, you just show us where to set up. It is the customer's responsibility to measure in advance and ensure there is adequate space and provide a flat clean area for set up clear of sharp objects and also debris. If the driver is unable to set up for reasons above or if unsafe conditions exist, you will be responsible for payment in full.
***Surface type - It's important that we know in advance if you plan to set up on grass or concrete. Inflatables CAN ONLY be operated safely if they are secured and anchored properly. We bring stakes or SANDBAGS depending on where the unit will be set up. If you make changes, please let us know (especially from grass to concrete) to ensure our Drivers will have the proper equipment. Last minute changes could result in MAJOR set up delays.

----We can definitely setup on concrete surfaces, however there are additional charges involved. We use 50lb sandbags to anchor equipment that is setup on a concrete surface and there is a lot of heavy lifting and additional labor involved.

We definitely setup on indoors or inside a fenced area: some equipment is very large and requires a double door to fit through. This may require removing the center of the bar from the double doors to get inside the building.

Sprinkler systems: Bounce Universe, LLC is not liable for any damages done to your sprinkler system or any water lines, you will be responsible for letting our drivers know where it is in advance to avoid damage. If a sprinkler/water line is damaged, turn off the water immediately.

If you have dogs. please make sure the setup area is clean and any droppings are removed! We cannot setup if there are droppings on the ground.

-Renter must measure the set up area and make sure the rentals fit. If they don't fit upon delivery, the Renter will still be required to pay for the original rental items, even if the items have to be downsized to a smaller rental or order has to be cancelled.

Before Bounce Universe team arrives to your event space please be sure of the following:
*There is a wide clear path of 5 feet wide to your desired drop off location.
*Set up space for Canopies and/or Inflatables must be clear of any objects and overhanging power lines/trees branches before delivery staff arrives for setup.
*Sprinkler systems must be turned OFF if inflatable or canopy is places on grass. (cleaning fee is added if DRY bounce house get wet)
Water cleaning fees:
*Regular Bounce House $75
*Small Combos $100
*Large Combos $125

All Tables and Chairs must be stacked and folded in the same place as delivered. Customer will be charged pickup fees for any tables and chairs not stacked and folded before we arrive for pickup.

We generally deliver between 8am and 12 noon on the day of the party and pickup at 8pm to residential setups. If you wish to keep inflatable past 8pm you would want to choose "overnight" when booking. We will contact you the day prior to your delivery date to give you a 2 hour delivery window time. If you wish to keep inflatable overnight it will be picked between 8am-11am. Driver will contact you 20-30 minutes before he arrives. (We do not give one specific hour for pickups). An additional fee will apply for time sensitive deliveries and after hours pickups. Time sensitive deliveries after hours pickups and are subject to availability. Last minute orders may be subject to a rush order fee.

For setups that occur on public property or non-residential setups, we deliver when someone will be arriving to the location and pickup when you will be leaving as they cannot be left unattended. We will work with you personally on these times.

The care and oversee of all items rented is the responsibility of the person in charge of the event. An employee of Bounce Universe LLC will walk and review the condition of all items rented with the person in charge. Any destruction done to bouncers or additional items rented will be your responsibility. You will be responsible for repairs or replacement. We do not offer damage insurance. Under normal use nothing will happen to the inflatable if the unit is properly set up. If you damage the inflatable, whether intentionally or by accident, we will advice you of how much repair cost are and you will need to pay for it. A small fee will be added for any missing parts to the games or equipment.

NO SHOES - do not wear shoes while in/on the inflatable bounce house.
NO SHARP OBJECTS - Make sure there are no sharp objects in or on clothing.
NO EYEGLASSES: Please do no wear eyeglasses in or on the inflatable bounce house. All persons must remove shoes, glasses, jewelry, and anything else that may harm the bounce house or other users of the bounce house or anyone in the bounce house.

NO FOOD, NO DRINK, NO SILLY STRING, NO CONFETTI, NO GUM inside or near (within 10 feet) of the bounce house. NO SILLY STRING! It causes extreme damage to the unit by eating into the vinyl.
NO CONFETTI! It causes stains on the unit, and are not removable.
Unit not designated as water slides may not be used wet!

No Flips, somersaults or horseplay. The operator must strictly enforce the rules posted on the warning sign and on this contract. Under no circumstances should any person climb the walls.

Dunk Tank Rules:
-Easy Dunker must always have an adult operator on duty when in use.
-When tank is going to be unattended, always drain water. NEVER LEAVE A DUNK TANK FILLED WITH WATER UNATTENDED!
-Cordon off a "danger zone" in front of, to the sides of, and behind the tank. Keep people out of the zone to avoid getting hit by an errant or deflected throw. Children should NEVER be allowed inside the "danger zone"
-Never place the dunk tank on a platform or stage. (NOTE: When filled, the dunk tank weights over 4,500 pounds.)
-Keep Easy Dunker away from electricity.
-Keep water level filled to at least 8" from the top of the tank.
-Only one person at a time should be allowed on the seat or in the tank.
-Keep all non-swimmers, anyone less than 5' tall, or over 250 pounds off of the tank.
-Anyone with medical condition which may place limitations on their physical exertion (such as, but not limited to: heart condition, pregnancy, back injury, etc.) should stay off of the dunk tank.
-To keep from slipping, the dunkee must always wear rubber sole shoes.
-Before (and each time) the dunkee climbs onto the seat, they must first make sure the seat is securely locked in place and that the safety latch is engaged.
-The dunkee should use the handles to assist in climbing out of the tank and for getting back up onto the seat after being dunked. However, the dunkee must not hold onto the handles while being dunked.
-The Dunkee must move toward the front of the tank when coming up out of the water to avoid hitting their head on the seat.
-NEVER use hard balls.
-NEVER stand on seat.
-When being dunked, the dunkee must keep hands and knees and sit forward on the seat.
-DO NOT allow anyone to hit target with hands.
-DO NOT operate Easy Dunker during a storm.
Replacement for loss equipment:

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