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30" Short Round Cocktail Table Rental 30" Tall

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30" Short Round Cocktail Table Rental Dallas TX

For easy transportation and quick set-up, these flexible tables come in three sections: they have a chrome base, a solid trunk, and a rubber-edged plywood top for a smooth look underneath the linen. The 30" Short Round Cocktail Tables are perfect for use when there is limited seating in a room. They may lodge up to four guests around the table comfortably. When they're lined with linen that's color coordinated, they look amazing. 

You can either choose to dress up the 30" Short Round Cocktail Table with a 120" round cloth to hang straight down to the floor, or a 132" round cloth and a chair runner to gather and tie the cloth on the post, to cover the cocktail tables. Attaching the ribbons to your cocktail tables, give them an elegant and polished hour glass shape that making these tables the perfect centerpieces for your event! 

Things to consider when renting the 30" Short Round Cocktail Tables?

When renting our 30" Short Round Cocktail Tables you would need to make sure that:

  • When booking, kindly give 30 mins. allowance from your party start time and we would appreciate it, if you put comments on the "customer comments" section for any additional information you would like us to know.
  • The drop off location for the 30" Short Round Cocktail Tables, has been checked and cleared of any obstructions as our driver and help would just drop them off.
  • If you need assistance with setup and take down, we can help but with a fee: We can help setup per unit (either a table or chair), which is $1.00 each action. For example 20 chairs, for setup that mean we would charge $20.00 and if take down assistance is also needed, we would charge another $20, for a total of $40.00. Kindly search for Tables & Chairs Setup and Takedown Assistance.
  • If you have a gate or a fence, please make sure to clear any obstacles that may get in our way when transporting the tables and chairs from our truck to the drop off location.
  • We would expect that the tables and chairs are stacked when we pickup, as that's how we will leave them when we drop off. Please stack them up if you're not paying the extra Tables & Chairs Setup and Takedown Assistance.
  • We normally have a 4-6 hr. window prior your rental start time, when it comes to delivery and around 2-3 hr. window after your rental end time for pickup. But you would have an option to choose if you want a narrower timeframe (1-2 hrs.) or an exact time, and of course those would come with a fee. Please see options when booking (Regular, Flexible, or Exact)

Other important facts about our company and renting the 30" Short Round Cocktail Tables:

  • Bounce Universe only delivers the latest and greatest inflatable units, and we make sure all our products are at par with the commercial standards.
  • We make sure that all of our units are cleaned and sanitized prior delivery.
  • Our units are manufactured with "lead free" vinyl, which makes them perfectly safe for your kids and guests.
  • Deposits are non-refundable, that's why kindly finalize everything before booking.
  • Changes on your order can be made not later than 7 days prior your rental date.
  • Keep your lines open as our planning and logistics team would call, or text you confirming rental details.
  • If you have any questions, you can always text, call or email us.

Picture of the 30" Round Cocktail Table:

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