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20 x 20 High Peak Party Tent

20 x 20 High Peak Party Tent

    • Actual Size: 20x20

    • $399.00
    • Please call to reserve this item

20 x 20 High Peak Party Tent Rental in Dallas Tx and Surrounding Areas


Welcome to our exquisite 20 x 20 High Peak Frame Party Tent, where elegance meets functionality to create the perfect setting for your special event. This high-quality tent is designed to elevate any occasion, providing both shelter and style for your guests.

**Key Features:**

1. **Generous Size:** With dimensions of 20 x 20 feet, this spacious tent offers ample room to accommodate your guests comfortably. Whether it's a wedding, birthday party, corporate event, or any other celebration, this tent provides a versatile and stylish space.

2. **High Peak Design:** The high peak frame not only adds visual appeal but also enhances the overall structural integrity of the tent. The elegant peak creates a stunning focal point, adding a touch of sophistication to your event.

3. **Durable Construction:** Our party tent is built with durability in mind. The frame is constructed from high-quality materials to ensure stability and resilience, while the waterproof and UV-resistant fabric provides reliable protection from the elements.

4. **Easy Setup:** We understand the importance of efficiency when preparing for an event. The tent is designed for easy and quick assembly, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your event planning. Our team will handle the full setup and breakdown.

5. **Versatile Decor Options:** The neutral color scheme and classic design of the tent provide a versatile backdrop for any theme or decor. Whether you envision a rustic, bohemian, or modern aesthetic, our party tent serves as a blank canvas for your creativity.

6. **Optional Accessories:** Enhance your tent experience with optional accessories such as sidewalls, flooring, lighting, and heating. These additions allow you to customize the space according to your specific needs and the prevailing weather conditions.

7. **Professional Service:** Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the quality of our products. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you in choosing the right tent for your event and ensuring a seamless rental experience.

Make your event truly memorable with the 20 x 20 High Peak Frame Party Tent. Reserve it today to secure a touch of elegance and practicality for your upcoming celebration.**Rental Information:**

- **Rental Duration:** Choose the rental duration that suits your event, whether it's a few hours, a full day, or longer. Pricing is based on a 6-hour rental.
- **Delivery and Setup:** Our team will handle the delivery, setup, and takedown, allowing you to focus on enjoying the event.

- **Requirements:** Ensure you have adequate space for the inflatable, and access to power for the blower.

- **Additional Services:** Ask about any additional services or customization options to make your event even more special.

Make your event unforgettable with the 20 x 20 High Peak Party Tent. Create a stylish and comfortable space for your guests to celebrate, whether it's a wedding, birthday party, or corporate event!

When renting the 20 x 20 High Peak Party Tent, please ensure the following:

1. **Booking Details:**
   - Allow a 30-minute buffer from your party start time when booking.
   - Use the "customer comments" section to provide additional information for our team.

2. **Setup Location:**
   - Confirm that the dimensions for the setup location of the 20 x 20 High Peak Party Tent are suitable (refer to above dimensions).
   - Ensure the ground is level and clear of any obstacles for proper installation.

3. **Setup Surface:**
   - For Grass setup surfaces, check for any underground utilities or obstacles.
   - Stakes will be used to secure the tent, so avoid areas with underground utilities.

4. **Power Requirements:**
   - If lighting or other electrical needs are required, ensure access to power sources.

5. **Weather Conditions:**
   - In case of inclement weather, the 20 x 20 High Peak Party Tent may not be suitable, and alternative arrangements should be considered.

6. **Delivery and Pickup Windows:**
   - Expect a 4-6 hr. window before your rental start time for delivery and a 2-3 hr. window after your rental end time for pickup.
   - Choose between Regular, Flexible, or Exact time options (fees apply).

7. **Company Standards:**
   - Bounce Universe provides top-quality party tents that meet commercial standards.
   - Our team ensures proper cleaning and maintenance before each rental.

8. **Booking Considerations:**
   - Deposits are non-refundable, so finalize details before booking.
   - Changes to your order can be made up to 7 days before your rental date.
   - Keep lines open for communication; our planning and logistics team will call or text to confirm rental details.

9. **Contact Information:**
   - For any questions, feel free to text, call, or email us.

Thank you for choosing Bounce Universe, and we look forward to providing an elegant and memorable experience with the 20 x 20 High Peak Party Tent at your event!

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